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SSS-AUS has a proven track record for promptly delivering projects for our Clients with seamless services within budget. Our integrated construction and project management services model ensures continuous communication, consultation, and transparency, allowing you to focus on other important procedures and internal stakeholder management.

Complete Ownership

At SSS-AUS, we do not believe in subcontractors to execute projects. Instead, we have a dedicated team for each department to maximise results.

Safety Procedures

Our mission is to keep our workers, clients, and the community safe. SSS-AUS uses an internal safety system that is utilized by our project delivery teams and office staff throughout all levels of the organization. These systems allow us to eliminate any potential risk we may encounter on site easily and efficiently. These systems are routinely checked and maintained to ensure that all our scaffolds are built, sustained, and dismantled corresponding to stringent Australian standards



We value all individuals and follow a powerful code of conduct. Our people are the heart and pulse of our organization.


We work together to overcome obstacles and achieve objectives. Together we accomplish share purposes and visions.


We act with integrity and reverence. We treat our staff with appreciation, acknowledge their qualities and individual traits. We are dedicated to fostering and building relationships.


We deliver what we promise and play an active role in ensuring goals are achieved through our own professional development efforts and dedication.


It is important to us to achieve consistent results and communication, within defined limits, each time we invest in a project.


We hold a social responsibility to be accountable for our employees and projects. We continue to exceed the expectation of our clients and maintain a positive company vision.


We deliver the highest standard of safety and risk management. We have an internal safety system, which is recognised by our project delivery team and staff, at all levels of the organisations.


The foundation of our credibility is trust and consistency. We believe in honest and transparent communication with our clients.


SSS-AUS provides an integrated, reliable methodology that ensures consistency and accountability are delivered within a defined optimum project budget. The focus throughout the delivery process is on representing our Clients’ best interests. SSS-AUS’s extensive project management platform is used consistently across our projects and is represented by the 5-step methodology below.

The methodology is designed to give every project manager the tools required to deliver and to ensure that only the appropriate resources are used based on the specifics of the project. Through our 5-step approach, we identify, assess and manage project risks.